Our training courses are held in seminars or in individual sessions. A needs analysis before any training course or
consultation is part of our practice. During the seminars or coaching sessions we adapt to different learning styles
and work with various media.

Once the training is finished we implement a professional aftercare service with the goal of making sure the techniques
have been successfully implemented. The duration of training is customized to your needs and goals. Our suggested
times give you an idea for the approximate duration of a session.


The training sessions are held in the rooms of your company or in our seminar rooms in Berlin, Mitte.

All training courses are available in German or English language. You decide!




The 8 Steps of selling

In this course the participants learn to perform the 8 steps of professional selling. From the pre approach, product and price presentation to closing the sale and following up, we will supply you with the tools needed to become a successful sales person. For every organization our training sessions are individually adapted. We do role play to implement new skills and optimize existing sales standards.


  • Prospecting and approaching the customer
  • Determining needs
  • Product & price presentation
  • Handling questions and objections
  • Closing the sale, referrals
  • Four different types of customer behavior
  • Body language and communication skills



Achieving your targets by providing excellent service

Customer service and telephone skills are critical to creating loyal and satisfied customers. Understanding the customer’s needs and offering the right solution will help with achieving your targets and lead to a successful network. Often only minor adjustments are required to make that change. We make these essential skills easy to learn in our Telephone Training.


  • Telephone etiquette manual
  • Preparing the call, follow up and monitoring
  • Target and customer orientation
  • Consultation, acquisition and sales on the phone
  • Complaint management



Value complaints as a chance to improve

Skillful complaint management supplies you with valuable information about any weaknesses in your organization. One customer complaining represents twenty others that were exposed to the same bad experience but never even bothered to tell you about it. In this session you will learn how to deal with a complaint quickly and effectively. We show you to go beyond your customer’s expectations and how to “Wow” them to transform the complaint into an opportunity to make your customer a loyal visitor again.


  • Direct complaint management process (acknowledgement, assessment and assigning priorities, planning, response)
  • Indirect complaint management (review, reporting, and consideration of systemic issues)



Winning loyal customers and keeping them

It costs about five times more to bring in a new customer than to keep an existing one. The key to a rewarding relationship with your customer is not only satisfaction but loyalty. You need to give them a few good reasons to stay; otherwise your competitor will give them one to leave. This training session will help you to create and maintain a loyal base of satisfied customers.


  • Fundamentals of customer loyalty programs
  • "Wow“ your customers
  • How to quickly implement a customer loyalty program
  • The 3 most successful loyalty programs
  • Four different types of customer behavior
  • Referrals and new leads



Making the difference

In any organization it is possible to surprise, impress and inspire your customers and colleagues on a daily basis. By doing so you differentiate your company from your competitor and create a working environment where everyone is more than happy to give their best. In this session we reveal key ways  to "Wow“ your customers and co-workers.
Together we will define the characteristics and demands of the system you need to create the individual Service Excellence program that will be beneficial to your organization. As an outcome we will improve your companies NPS score to generate more business.


  • Delivering the promise
  • Providing a personal touch
  • Going the extra mile
  • Resolving problems well
  • Positive communication and body language