At Harlow Consulting we understand the meaning and responsibility involved in consulting an organization, and continually strive to achieve lasting results.

After an analysis of your individual demands we offer a professional consultation followed by implementing specific solutions. For effective change management and developing your potential get in contact with us now. Please use the contact form below.

Consulting spectrum:


  • Strategy and increasing sales force

  • Sales process and standards

  • Reporting and planning procedures

  • Variable compensation models

  • Appraisal systems


  • Contract design

    price segment, discounts, terms of payment

  • Product design

    range of products, key competence, image

  • Sales strategy

    lead generation, acquisition, sales presentation, bonus- and incentive programs for customers

  • Communications

    advertisement, PR, networking, sponsoring, B2B & cooperation, referral programs, exhibitions

Quality Management

  • Mystery Shopping and competence analysis

  • Customer and employee surveys (NPS)

  • Service standards

  • Service Excellence program

  • Sales standards

  • Complaint management