Nice to meet you. Imagine Harlow Consulting as your Joker. In many classic card games it has exceptional properties and it’s use is greatly varied. 

Often, it is a wild card, and thereby can be used to your benefit in many different ways.

It requires a good player to use the Joker at the right moment, and the first step is already done. You are here!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to build a company that is internationally recognized for outstanding training and consultation. We do this with the help of the two most Important influencing factors: The people we work with and the target we have committed ourselves to.

Our ideas, network, information and tools allow you, your organization and its people to become more effective in a lasting way. This will automatically lead to more success on every level.

"After 12 years of working for different organizations in marketing, sales & training all over the world it is about time to start my own project".

Juliane Grant

Juliane Grant is owner of Harlow Consulting, acting as trainer and consultant. She has a strong sales & marketing backround and is a licensed DiSC Trainer (Wiley), Train the Trainer (Six Senses) and Businesscoach (ACT-Academy). She holds a commercial diploma and is an accredited trainer (IHK) in the field of business administration.

Juliane has worked in management positions for Steiner Leisure, Kempinski, Six Senses and Holmes Place. Initially a Berliner, she decided at 21 to go see the world. For several years she lived in Asia, in the US and England. It was in Singapur where she took a course in SPA Marketing&Leadership at the Cornell-Nanyang Institute of Hospitality Management.

On weekends Juliane loves long walks through the city or in the countryside. She would never miss out on a chance to go out for french food. Other than that she adores books, puppies and chocolate ice cream.


Why Harlow Consulting?

At Harlow Consulting we have a small but visionary team. We are able to act in a way that is flexible and individual.

We define ourselves as specialists in finding direct applicable
solutions - part of this is an individual needs analysis before any training course or consultation takes place.

During the seminars or coaching sessions we adapt to different learning styles and work with various media. Once the training is finished we implement a professional aftercare service with the goal of making sure the techniques have been successfully implemented.

Among our first clients we have already seen retail sales increase by 20% within the first month after sales training.

We are now one of the first companies to combine new knowledge and expertise with innovative training methods and apply them in a way that is dynamic and solution based. We work with small & medium sized businesses, with entire departments, groups or individuals.